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All across the globe, flowers have a special significance when it comes to gifting.
When gifts are accompanied with flowers, the gift becomes all the more special. It is said that if you want to express your love, chocolates and flowers are the ideal things. The freshness and beauty of the flowers emits a felling of joy and happiness. Every flower is special and every flower has a special occasion. Below mentioned are some flowers and every flower is identified with a special occasion.

1) Alstroemeria
This beautiful and attractive flower comes is shades of bright orange and golden. Other colors are pink accents and soft whites. In case you have just about any queries about wherever along with tips on how to employ florist in kuala lumpur, you'll be able to call us with our own website. These types of flowers are gifted during the following occasions:
- High School farewell or college graduation day
- Promotion or a new job or new assignment
- Achievement in any job or any other personal achievement
This flower is synonymous with aspiration and hence when gifted on the above mentioned occasions, the receiver feels great and joyful.

2) Apple Blossom
This sweet smelling and pretty flower comes in white and pink colors. These normally are blossoms of apple tree. These are perfect tributes when it comes to making a promise. They are also referred to as promise flowers and they are ideally gifted during the following occasions:
- When a new relationship is being formalized
- After you have had a tiff or a fight
- When you need to promise or give a commitment about something to someone
These flowers act as mediator when two people have to make up for a fight or when it comes to committing to someone for something for a lifetime. Similarly, when you need to formalize a marriage, these flowers are given. This means two people have committed to something and they would abide by it.

3) Daffodil
Daffodils are identified with chivalry. These flowers are normally found during spring time and they speak for unrequited love. They are sent by a lover to his beloved. The gentleman sends it to his lover and they speak volumes about how much the lover admires his lady love.
This is one flower which a cousin can gift to his brother and sister and convey the message that "I am with you whenever you need me".
4) Lilac
Lilac means first love. It has a sweet and aromatic fragrance and it is the ideal flower which a lover gives to his first love. The lover conveys his love by expressing florist in kuala lumpur words and also gifting lilacs. The message is through to his lady love. She has no other option but to express her consent at least for these lovely lilacs.

5) Rose
Rose is synonymous with love. Even though it has thorns, it is one flower which is a complete expression of love and it is love personified. The rose emits a sweet scent and it is associated with love and admiration. The thorns are situated below the rose. The soft petals exemplify that we need to be soft in our approach towards life and the thorns imply that life is tough and you need to keep going and keep trying without giving up.

A true lover would accept the thorns and see to it that his beloved lives peacefully. This is love and the lover is ready to make sacrifices for his darling.

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